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A disciple of Jesus Christ is an individual who actively follows and adheres to the teachings, practices, and examples set by Jesus. This commitment involves more than just intellectual agreement; it encompasses a transformative relationship characterized by:

  • Learning: Continuously seeking to understand and internalize Jesus’s teachings and the truths of the Bible.
  • Imitating: Striving to emulate Jesus’s character, actions, and obedience to God in one’s own life.
  • Obeying: Adhering to Jesus’s commands and teachings, prioritizing His will in all aspects of life.
  • Spreading: Sharing the message of Jesus’s love, grace, and the Gospel with others, making more disciples.

Being a disciple of Jesus is a dynamic, ongoing journey of faith, growth, and active engagement in the Christian way of life, marked by a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A journey with Jesus to eternal life.